In the last days of the empire…

After an time of bloodshed and kinslayers, a 14-year-old girl sits on the throne of Abel Christ’s most blessed kingdom. Weakened by Eljared’s breach of heaven, the Church now struggles to maintain her grip over lands that were once faithful servants of the Holy Seed.

Now is the time to strike! The world will know the name of Matthew Gaul!

Powers both new and old work in the darkness, preparing for war in the light.

There is so much I should have taught you...

In halls sequestered, a terrible project that has been in production since the death of Abel is about to reach fruition.

You dispatched Jürgand to kill one man?

And the world will forever change…

Today, father, I finish your work...

The Omega Initiative


This portal is for our Anima: Beyond Fantasy game. Check out the Main Page of our Wiki for information on how our game is structured. Check out the The Giovanni Letters for some cool stories about Gaia.

Anima: The Omega Initiative

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